Being an owner for a brand new salon, to many people it is a dream come true. To me it is, indeed. However only one month from the salon grand opening day, it was forced to shut down as the lockdown came to effect on the 23rd of March 2020. Words could not describe my feelings: it is a mixture of sadness, disappointment, desperation , anger and depression at some points. The reason for all those feeling was because I was treating my new salon like my new-born child, and it is a very similar situation when you are on a desert and you had to abandon your child for a greater reason, for the sake of the whole community for example. Obviously the salon is not a child and it will not be hungry or thirsty , but there are still many things to worry about such as:

( some of them are silly, I know)

-What if I lost all my clients?

-What if I lost all my staff?

-Will my skills be downgraded? Or will my staffs' skill be downgraded?

- How about rents and other expenses? How long can I cover them without income?

Thanks to the Government Grant for Small businesses, I can cover few months of my rents and expenses without taking a loan from my overstretched credit cards (used for renovation of the salon). But I am still having other concerns hanging in my head . Then I realised that if I do not do anything, none of these concerns would go away and I would slip into further depression.

I started to make a list during this lockdown and try to tick them off one by one, it seems to help me because as long as I still have unfinished items on the list, I feel like my time at home is not completely wasted. Here is my list :

1. Update all clients information, (from the client consent form), into the computer. Normally I am so busy I was always behind with this task. But it only took me one week.

2. Writing my online taster lesson for artists who want to do this job but do not know where to start. I am still working on this one as it takes forever and I am not sure if it would be better as a blog post or a long online lesson?!

3. Changing my website completely. I ended up just upgrading my website as the fee for the new website is out of my budget and you know that during this time spending is strictly prohibited or avoided at all costs.

4. Making my website look better. There are many things you can make you website look better such as rearranging the menu items, changing font colour or style, updating the testimonials. I changed all my photos using a photo editing software ( it costs nothing and it makes your photos look professional. I can write more about this software and how to start a website which looks good and costs minimum if you want.

5. Decorating the salon. I painted some of the unfinished bits on the salon walls and also tried to decorate the salon with some pictures. However the delivery takes so long during the lockdown, so far I only received 2 out of 6 wall art pieces that I ordered.

6. Start a blog- this is what I am doing right now and this task will last me well after lockdown, as I love to write about many things regarding my job as a Microblading, PMU artist . Writing is a way to ease my chatty nature and share my passion and knowledge and the same time.

I have ticked off 4 out of 6 items on my list and only two left. I just hope I can come back to work on the 26th of May following some newspapers' suggestion. I finally see brows at the end of the tunnel!