A big question always being asked when you are new to permanent make up- What is the best machine to buy. I do not believe in the best brand of choice, but I do believe that a machine must be Suitable for the user.

Then you would ask again: How to I know if a machine is suitable for me? The answer depends on many factors, such as: how big is your hand? What do you use your machine for? Do you want to have one for the whole PMU career life or just to try?...Ask yourself as many question as you can then put answers to them, the more info you got about your ideal machine, the easier it will be for you to find the right one.

I have tiny hands that fit size XS gloves, so my choice would never be a big, chunky machine that will make me tired for a long treatment. Also, as my hand is small, I would choose a lightweight machine as well, same reason as the first one.

I have tried quite several different machines and still want to try more, and I have made this list to make your choice easier. Remember to go for the “Best value for money” not the cheapest. I will write more about cartridge in another post.

Happy finding machine!